The best way you can look after any item purchased at AZURE and INDIGO is to always treat it with love and care. 

Follow these tips when washing and caring for your item:

  • Hand wash in cold water
  • Use only a small pea sized amount of clothes washing liquid. We prefer environmentally friendly brands!
  • Turn item inside out and line dry in a shady spot to prevent any sun damage.

NOTE: It is natural for some fabrics to shrink up to 3% when having been washed.

If this occurs after washing, please don't panic!

Fibres tighten after washing, leading to a small shrinkage amount. To return a garment to its normal state iron or steam your garment. Fibres are loosened when heat is added, which in turn returns garments to a normal state!  

If your item needs a press/iron please follow these steps:

We prefer a steam iron which will allow you to hang your item on a coat hanger and gently steam any garment in seconds! However If you have only an iron please follow these steps:

  • Start with a warm iron on reverse side and if this isn't enough to remove creases turn the iron up to a slightly hotter heat. Gently iron your garment.
  • Never iron over embellishments!