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Here at AZURE and INDIGO we appreciate your need for comfort, your desire to wear breathable fabrics and fashion that is easy to wear without compromising your style! As we design, manufacture and source all fabrics we stand by our values of high quality, ethically and sustainability sourced materials which are beautifully finished.

All AZURE and INDIGO styles are made from naturally derived fabrics either;

  • Cotton
  • Linen
  • Bamboo
  • Viscose
  • Modal
  • Rayon 

We choose these fabrics because they are easy to wear, easy to care for, have fabulous breathability and because they are soft on the skin. Each fabric retains clear colours when printed or dyed and all fabrics have superb drape which allow for a flattering fit. 


What are Rayon, Modal and Viscose fabrics?

These fabrics are often misunderstood as being "synthetic". Rayon, Modal and Viscose fabric are all derived from wood pulp.

Most people, even those familiar with rayon, don’t realise that all three of these fibres are called “cellulosic fibres” since the natural material that makes up the fibre is cellulose, a component of all plants.

The real name for these fibres is called “regenerated cellulosic fibres”. This is due to the combination of the natural raw cellulosic material found in wood pulp and the chemical manufacturing process that breaks down the cellulose so it can be “regenerated” into a fibre from the original pulp.

The Process to make these fibres is detailed here: 

The wood pulp is dissolved in a salt solution which is then dried and rolled onto continues spools. Rolls of pulp are then broken up into 1 inch squares and dissolved in a salt solution again. This filtered solution leaves 'cellulose fibres' which is the organic building compound found in wood pulp and green trees. This solution is then pushed through a shower head style spinneret where fibres are created. These fibres are then dried, and compressed giving them more bulk. The fibres are then baled and shipped to the fabric mill where they can be finished in many ways.

These fibres may be spun with another fibre, such as cotton or wool. The resulting yarn can be woven or knitted like any other fabric, and may be given a variety of finishes, from soft and suede-like to silky. 

Specific types of rayon include viscose and modal each of which differs in manufacturing process for different finishes. In our case: Silk/Viscose, Silk/Rayon, Cotton/Rayon or Cotton/Modal


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